If you have a AlphaESS product at your property, choose from the options below and access the relevant information required.

Find below a list of helpful information on AlphaESS systems, along with a general list of FAQs.

To maximise longevity of each battery cell and the batteries controller, the system regulates the voltage by importing or exporting small amounts of energy, at any given time. This is done by importing or exporting up to or less than 100w. Your system will do this periodically.

If you notice that your system is importing or exporting above 100w, please contact us on 08000 501412. As with all modern technology that uses software to control and maintain its procedures, software updates are sometimes needed. These updates are not done automatically but 90% of the time, an import or export above 100w is resolved by carrying out a system update.

Within your monitoring portal, the following information is broken down:

  • Inverter Generation

  • Exported to the Grid

  • Load Consumption

  • Discharged

The four sections above will show a ‘Today kWh’ reading and a ‘Total kWh’ reading. Your today kWh figure is the total generation, export, load consumption or battery discharge for the current day. The total kWh figure is the generation, export, load consumption or battery discharge since the system was installed.

During the winter months, solar production is lower. When your solar produces a low amount, less surplus energy will be available to charge a battery or batteries. If your battery system drops below 10% charge, it may enter ‘standby’ mode. This is to prevent the battery from discharging fully.

Setting your battery to charge from cheap rate electric during a night time tariff will ensure your battery is full every morning.

If you are not on a variable tariff or choose not to charge overnight, we may need to false charge your system for it to exit ‘standby’ mode.

Please contact us on 08000 501412 if you believe your battery is not charging.

Firstly, if you have had a smart meter installed by your utility company AFTER the installation from Pure Energy, there are a few things to check.

When smart meters are installed, the contractors from your utility company tend to disregard the monitoring apparatus we use. The CT clamps, (current transformers), are either not reattached to the correct wire, left off completely or reattached incorrectly.

What does a CT clamp look like? Click here.

Please follow the following troubleshooting methods:

  1. Ensure the CT clamp(s) are attached.

  2. If the clamp(s) are attached, open the clasp and check what way the arrow is facing inside the clamp. (Arrow is embossed on the inside of the current transformer)*

  3. If the CT clamp(s) are loose or not attached to a cable, please take a photo (wide view with the entire area visible) and email it to [email protected]. Please use the email subject ‘CT Clamp Issue’.

*The arrows position is crucial and determines the data shown on your monitoring platform. If you have not already spoken to a member of staff at Pure Energy and therefore are unsure if the clamp is facing the right way, please call us on 08000 501412 and select customer services.