Charging your Battery from the grid

A large number of our customers have moved to, or are planning to change onto a variable rate tariff. This means that during a certain timeframe, typically between 23:30 and 07:00, electricity can be purchased from the grid at a lower rate. You can take advantage of this lower rate and charge your battery system within a set timeframe, paying up to 75% less than usual, by charging directly from the grid.

Battery systems Pure Energy install offer online monitoring platforms. These platforms offer the ability to set parameters and programme systems to take in energy from the grid. The staff team at Pure Energy can alter these settings for you or you can make changes yourself, as you wish.

Why would I buy energy from the grid if I have Solar Panels at my property? Depending on your circumstances, energy consumption may peak at specific times. If you are a household with young school children, typically your consumption profile will show higher usage between 07:00 and 09:00 and then between 16:00 and 20:00. By charging your battery system from the grid, the system will have 100% charge every morning. This is energy that is stored and ready to use in the home whenever you may need it.

Taking advantage of grid charging is highly beneficial in the autumn and winter months. During these periods, your Solar production will be considerably lower due to shorter daylight hours and poor weather. During the spring and summer months, your panels will produce more energy and potentially charge your battery to 100% every day. Setting grid charging is optional and you have complete flexibility in turning this function on and off. We recommend utilising this functionality more so in the autumn and winter months.

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